Raw paths of integrity

I didn’t realize until I uploaded this art and added it to the post I left it in raw format!  I usually crop, up the shadow levels (makes the darkers pop and the colors more rich like the actual paintings).  But for today, I kind of like it…it is real, it is actually what I do each morning.  I get into the Word.  I make a quick sketch, and place paint where He leads me.  Later, usually while I watch tv or my kid’s sports games I go back and do the outlining.  This raw page is reminding me where I find integrity–what reminds me to stay on God’s path–it is God himself leading me.  When I am close to him and listening intently I remember to do what he asks.  When I start going off on tangents following my own path– when I am not in the Word, or at church, or listening to Christian music, or other things that keep me focused–then I slip and fall.  I lose sight of reflecting him.  My integrity slips.  And I desire to be a person of integrity, just as he created me to be.

How about you?  What things keep your integrity in faith strong?  What keeps you raw and ready to follow his paths?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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