You will see ME


This was the image that popped into my brain at Easter this year.  Bright light.  Jesus overcoming.  Hope that I will see Him because I believe he is the light of the world.  Praise that I have the opportunity to be close to him.  And so do you.  It says it right there in the verse!  I love that Jesus invites each of us into his inner circle of light.  We are all drawn to him, we all reflect his light.  Mutually dependent.  We need him, he needs us to reflect his love and spread his gospel.

We can’t do that from a place of darkness.  It gets hard to see, it gets hard to understand, it gets muddled and loses its warmth.

Right near the light, that is the best place to be.  Pull closer to it.  Draw nearer.  Come in as close as you possibly can.  You can’t get burned.  Only filled.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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