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The disciples, of all people, asked Jesus if a man was blind because of his sins or his parents.  The disciples! And I love how The Message version words Jesus’ response.  Basically, “You don’t get it, you are missing the point!  You are missing what God is going to do in this man despite his setbacks!  Because everyone has a purpose in the mission of Christ!”

{Full disclosure–I sort of love it when the disciples ask stupid human questions so I feel a lot better about my own screw ups.  And I love picturing the look– patient, yet disapproving –that Jesus surely gave them.)

All of this makes me take stock.  What am I missing?  How is God using things in my life?  How is he using me?  What do I need to change my perspective about to fit God’s mission?   Am I really reflecting His light, pulling in close to Him?  Am I pulling others in close with me?  Or pushing them away?

Yep, just saw Jesus giving me that look in my mind.  Dang.  How about you?



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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