Make the effort

Scan-021 I drew this crazy folded thing one afternoon and it sat in my journal for a long time unpainted, blank.  Just waiting for this verse.  God does that sometimes.  He gets me ready for things, but waits to complete them.  Keeps me hanging a little.  And then when it is complete it is one of those sit back and sigh moments when I realize the depth of what He teaches me.

It can’t be just one of those words that builds faith.  We need them all. And when one is missing, it is hard to keep faith whole.  We have to make every effort to do them all.  Knowledge comes with endurance.  Goodness comes with self control.  Mutual affection and love are results of those pieces, but also threaded through faith completely.  Godliness is part of that hope that keeps it all going.  Godliness is being open to the wait for God to complete his teachings.

Faith and hope can be hard work, but they are so worth the effort.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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