Builder of All Things

I love home decorating.  I love magazines, Pinterest, and stores.  I love to move stuff around.  I love to get new things.  And I get caught up in worrying how “cool/nice” my home looks.  Is it perfectly put together?  Could it be magazine worthy (never)?  But still I want it.  I want the rooms to reflect our family, be cozy, comfortable, clean–and look really good/pleasing to the eye.  Not all bad, right?

And then a verse like this stops me in my tracks.

The actual context is putting Jesus as more important than Moses.  “The builder of the home gets higher honor than the home itself.”

And it reminds me that my house can look all sorts of fabulous but without Jesus as the focus, it is not a home at all.  Without faith and love of Christ, our home is just brick and mortar and wood.  I can gloss over the surfaces as much as I want, but without a strong foundation of joy and obedience, no one will look at it and want to be there.  No one will feel safe here.  And that is what I really want.  Is for Jesus to be in every nook and cranny.  How about you?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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