No Holding Back

Well, Hello there! I hope these new posts actually make it to people. LOL! I have been away a long time, and made some technical changes. (I am back to simple WordPress hosting, so some of my tech may have disappeared. I just couldn’t justify the cost of $50 a month anymore when I barely have time to do this. ) I left Facebook completely while my family dealt with an issue with a co-worker/teacher who hurt my little guy (that has finally resolved and kiddos in our building are safe from that bullying now).

But we have yet another snow day and I actually scanned in some of the finished artwork from the last few months. I am not nearly as prolific as I once was, but I do try to paint for a little bit each morning. And many of my pieces have definitely been more journal style as I worked through some anxiety. I post photos sometimes on Instagram–so much easier, so much less politics, and smearing.

I have been giving in other areas. And as I sat to blog today my husband gave me a look like I am crazy–because he knows how full my schedule already is. But I still love giving my artwork back to others to enjoy here, and hopefully I can keep this alive to some degree. So please enjoy the new pieces over the next month or so.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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