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I told you in the last post that we had an issue with one of my fellow teachers bullying my son.  It got bad enough that we filed an incident report, then the school investigated, the police investigated, and she was charged, and  4 months later she pled guilty.  This was not an easy decision or thing to do at all.  I had stomachaches, headaches, heartaches, nightmares.  T was even worse off.  We never considered backing away though–this was too important.  This wasn’t the first kid who felt like she bullied them.  I knew my own job was on the line.  I knew my relationship to co-workers was on the line.  But I also knew we needed to stand up for the kids who never spoke up.  I knew we needed to stand up for kids that could have been in the future.

I only had the strength to do this because of my faith in Jesus Christ.  He gave us peace and strength through the entire process.  I never once thought I was fighting this, Jesus fought it for us.  We handed it over to Him.  Every time the aches came I prayed.  I prayed with T on a regular basis.  And Jesus always took it for us.  He made it possible to trust Him.

If we had backed down, if we had not trusted this to Christ, the reality is we would STILL be facing this on our own.  I learned more than ever that Jesus has the capability to handle anything, and He will, when we hand it over to Him.  And for that I will be eternally grateful.

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