We and You


Have you struggled with the idea of church?  I know I sure have!  I wrestle with the idea of needing to be in a building every week at the same time—when I could be resting, when I could be with God any other day.  I think that brick and mortar is not important–we are the building.  It is us as the servants that do His work, not a building.  But then I miss the importance of the beginning of this verse:  WE.  Together.

That is what church is about.  Working together, worshipping, praying, praising, giving, encouraging, being in fellowship.  We cannot do this alone.  Even with God us in us.  It is so much better shared with others!  It has so much more significance!  It has so much more impact!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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