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Super Powers of Refreshment



I love this little fairy version of me.  Unfortunately this one has the red hair.  (Which by the way will not be returning, I like my dark punky shortness and if it goes white so be it because the red drove me nuts.)

I digressed as usual.

My super power is not volunteering.  It is not planning super events.  It is not organizing.  Yeah, I can do a good job when I focus, and I enjoy  it to some extent.  But it is not my super power.

I knew this was my super power.  I just ignored it for other things.  I was not focused.  Imagine that.

So now, in my new phase (Refreshment and Humor) of stretching and growing into God’s plans for me I am going to use my SUPER POWER.  I even have a cape  I made back when I was teaching.  It is rainbow on one side and silver sparkles on the other.  I was super art teacher in it.  And you know why???  Because it brought out my kindness, it brought out the humor,  it brought out that I cared about touching those little munchkins everyday with art.  I knew it back then.  And I forgot.  I lost focus.  Teaching art for our Bible school made me remember even more.  I LOVE teaching art to little people.  LOVE it.  Art, teaching, kindness.

I am going to wear my cape.  I am going to be super artist, super teacher.  I am going to be super ME.  Super kind.  Super silly.

So what is your super power?  I have been talking a lot about me lately.  Let me know about you!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Reach out and Touch…Somebody’s Hand



Love this quote.  Not sure who said it.  But do you remember that song… if not…

Diana Ross:  Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand

Come on, you know you know it.  You know you are humming along…Or not…maybe I am just a child of the 70’s.

Man, I am so going to be humming this for days.

That right there, that is my effort at humor injected into the lives of others and at refreshing others.

That artwork is my hand, my crazy crooked fingers, my painted nails, my ring and symbol I belong to Jeff.  That is my table in my home.

I may not change the world with crazy volunteering this year.  But I am going to use these hands to daily touch lives.  Through painting, through typing this blog, through being there for those closest to me.

I am going to reach out and touch you people!  Be ready!


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.




So I was saying, I need to refresh and find more humor in life.  The artworks I had scheduled this week are hands.  And that works perfectly.  I can see God reaching out and holding me.  Guiding me.  Reaching out to others.  Trying to help others.

This song has been stuck in my head.  I have many friends going through some really, really tough stuff.   Please take a second and listen to this:

JJ Heller’s song Your Hands

He has got us.  We never leave His hands.  He is leading us.

Right now He is taking me by the hand and leading me to refresh.

I made a HUGE decision last week. I am going to take a YEAR LONG Sabbatical from volunteering.  I am going to say NO. Crazy for me I know.

I am going to refresh myself.  I am going to refresh my family.  I am going to help refresh some of my friends.  I am going to rest in his steadfast love and faithfulness. I am going to focus on art.  I am going to use my art to do a lot of that refreshing.  I can use it as a service.

 But I am not volunteering.

I am going to hold others in my hands and show them love, faith, humor, and refreshment.  I am going to make humor a big part of that.  I am going to smile even more.  I am going to laugh even more.  I am going to infuse my art with all of that.

My hubby is crazy excited about this.  He is not sure I can do it.  But we are both sure hoping that I can.  🙂

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

House week #2


Currently enjoying the hearts and homes of my family.  Iowa is definitely HOME.  The rolling hills of the southwest corner, the quilt of all the different fields connected by white gravel roads that sparkle like diamonds in the sun.  Yes, this pulls my heart strings.  I have lived many places, and still this is what I crave.  There is a wholesomeness to Iowa, a welcoming spirit, an acceptance that I feel here.  It is not perfect by any means. It would not be the right place for everyone.  But I long to be back here more and more.  Plus, it is totally nice to be around family.  🙂

My parents and my sister are in the process of selling homes they used to live in.  I had friends who recently moved across the country, and some across the globe.  It all reminds me, that it is not the houses we live in.  It is the hearts of our loved ones that make it home.  I have struggled with my current location of residence in Illinois, it is not a place I would have chose.  But it is where we are now.  And we have been able to make it a home through some of our dear friends.  And it is where my husband and children are.  It is my heart, and therefore my home.  It may not be my favorite environment, but it is a shelter for our love.  And that is what is important.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Onions, really

IMG_0019-001I have spent the last few years dissecting my own psyche.  Coming back from the brink of a breakdown and re-energizing your faith will bring that on I have learned.  I have studied my past–from my viewpoint, and have tried really hard to look at it from other people’s viewpoints.  I have looked really hard at my present–how the past affected/is currently affecting my current actions and choices, and how I need to move forward with this knowledge.

And really, it is like an onion.

Just when I think I have it all figured out, I peel back another layer and find an even deeper understanding.

I have realized my role in how things played out with my family, my in-laws, my friends over the years, my career, my faith.  There have been times that I blamed a situation on others.  Because I had my truth, and I was only going by that.  I wasn’t taking into account other viewpoints, and what is their truth.  And the more I find myself standing back and thinking, “How did s/he see this?”  The more I am understanding all of our reactions.  All of the assumptions we make.  And I am learning soooo much about myself, layer by layer.

We are human.  We react to our own thinking.  That saying, “Walk a mile in his shoes” or whatever it is, is HARD to do.  No matter how hard we try not to be, we are selfish.  We assume we are right.  We assume everyone is coming from the same thinking (even when we KNOW that is not the truth).  It is a huge part of natural, human survival.

But being able to peel the onion, being able to dig deeper, it is so rewarding.  It is filled with strife, but also peace.  At least for me, it is.  I am learning.  I am re-categorizing.  I am assessing.  I am growing and becoming a better, stronger person.

I highly encourage it.  🙂



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Streets resound


Enjoy this weather people!  Summer has arrived, the sun is shining, the grass is green, the rain is warm.  Get out there and praise God for he does wonderful things with his creation!  Just keep it legal.  🙂


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Light my path



Jesus is with us.  He is trying so hard to light our paths, to direct us.  Sometimes it seems like there is a fog hiding the light doesn’t it?  Or maybe even the bulb burned out.  Then other times it feels like He has his brights on and is flashing like crazy in our eyes.  Seriously, there are times when I feel like he took the lamp and hit me over the head.  But then others, I feel like I missed the light switch and fell down the stairs.

You know that puzzle?  I am feeling the last example up there in this case.  I think He has been lighting my path all along and I just missed it.  So God finally took that lamp, not a gorgeous crystal one from West Elm, of course, but a nasty Goodwill one (that I can’t even repaint) and BROKE it right over my head.  BAM.  He was like, “Girlfriend, GET ON WITH IT!  HELLO!”

So no more dragging my feet.  The time has come to walk that yellow brick road of golden light.  The time has come to follow God’s plan and path, not my own.

Oh, Lordy, pray for me.  I will pray for you.  🙂  Maybe we walk our paths together.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Looking for the puzzle pieces



I am feeling torn in pieces lately.  I am feeling pulled in a lot of different directions.  In all reality, I know what I need to do, but I am having a hard time just doing it.  I know that when I finally do make the leap that I will find peace.

Life is like a big jigsaw puzzle isn’t it?  I have pieces that are marriage, children, family, friends, food, shelter.  I have pieces that are homeschooling, art, reading books.  I should have more pieces that are exercising.  I have pieces that are baseball, dance, art class, basketball that belong to my kids.  I have pieces that are cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry.  I have pieces that are Jeff’s company.  My faith is woven throughout, holding all the pieces together, but it also has pieces of it’s own.

I have a corner of my puzzle that is broken, a few pieces are lost.  I am frustrated looking for the solution.  How am I going to complete this puzzle?  Several of the other areas are just not fitting together right.  They are jumbled and I need to sit down, organize them, and put them back where they belong.  Or they made need new homes.

Ever feel that way?

What’s funny, is I painted this artwork last fall.  I put a little post it note on my blog calendar to share it today.  God is so great.  How did He know I would need to see this art today?  That I would need to reflect on this very thing?

I know what I am doing this afternoon now.  Of course, a nap is the first order of business, because really, one should never make big decisions without one.  🙂  But after that, I am going to sit down and REALLY prioritize and organize what needs to be done to make all the pieces fit together again.  I need peace.  I am ready for clarity.

Don’t we all?  I hope that you are able to align all of your pieces.  I hope the peace of Jesus floods through you and it all becomes clear.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Do what you do

IMG_0006This can be so hard.

I look at other artists blogs, artwork, and more.  I want to learn their techniques.  I want to learn how they blog.  I want to emulate their success (or at least what I believe them to have).

And then I realize.  They are not me.  I am.  God has created me to do something very special.

I went to a workshop years ago (pre-kids) in Detroit with  artist/teacher Peter London.  He wrote a book, No More Secondhand Art.  That workshop had a huge impact on me.  He helped us realize that no matter what every single person has a different viewpoint and voice.  We all see the world completely differently through the lens of our own eyes and brains.  NO ONE else sees and perceives the way anyone else does.  This was huge in my teaching.  I never made the kids all copy the same artwork, or follow exactly what I did.  I showed them HOW, but then they were expected to make it their own.

So why do should I expect myself to create artwork like anyone else?  Why should any of our homes look the same?  Wear the same outfits?  Create the same meal?  Parent the same?  Run a business the same?  Have the same faith relationship needs?  I tell the kids all the time how much I love how original they are.

It is time to start telling myself, again, and believe it.  For good.

How about you?  What is God inspiring YOU to do?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

I am chaos

IMG_0004-001Love it. So me. I am chaos…my brain, my speech sometimes, my art.  But it shines bright.  And seems to be good most of the time.  I would rather be chaos and a dancing star personally than the alternatives.  And I have felt the alternatives.  Yes, happy shiny chaos is best.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Holy Snow!

IMG_0006-001I say holy moly schmoly.  Sweet Niblets.  Cool Beans.  I do.  I say things like ooo, bad crashy crashy, bonkers, dude.  I know.  Can’t help myself.

This year I am saying HOLY SNOW!  I haven’t seen this much this often since our first year in Michigan.  At least with this much snow, I am feeling like the air is kind of cleaner and we can catch snowflakes on our tongues and not eat straight smog.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

oooh, she exploded

IMG_0015I did this one this fall.  I keep revisiting her and couldn’t decide to let her out in public?  Yep, I decided, might as well.  This is my Truth.  This is me growing and stretching to know myself and understand my story.  This is what I journal.  Not just the happy, not just the inspirational.  Sometimes I draw my cyclops self with blue hair and three fingers.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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