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Finally showing signs of Intelligence

true sign of intelligence

A true sign of intelligence is when we trust imagination to lead our knowledge.  When we trust that the creator of all knowledge, imagination, and intelligence knows best and will lead us in the right direction. That is wisdom.  Right?  Well, I am not wise, yet, but I am working on it, showing signs of growing in intelligence.  I am using some imagination to leave my comfort zone and increase my knowledge in new areas.

All week I have been hinting at my new adventure, that my art platform is growing, that God is closing doors to lead me through some open ones that I just needed to push wide.  Wondering what I am talking about?  🙂

I thought I needed to get a job in a public school teaching art–full time.  Which would make my ministries really hard to keep up with, because this has become full time work.  Public school teaching would be steady pay and benefits.  But I am pretty sure that door is closed so I can do the following things.

He is calling me to step out in faith and speak: I scheduled two more small speaking engagements, and then I contacted two conventions last week.  I know.  That is a lot of people.  Illinois Christian Homeschooling State Convention called back and scheduled me!  How cool is that!  And that gave me confidence to contact another one.  And even if that doesn’t happen, this will hopefully just be the first one and open my platform of teaching and speaking, and help me share the word about…

Bible Stories from the Heart is doing big things:  A business arm is starting to grow from the original online studies. We have a company interested in creating a line of art supplies to go with it. Pretty cool!  One I didn’t envision in the beginning in my wildest dreams, but one that God is leading.  Well, dragging me along–but now I have my adventure attitude cap on and am ready to climb!  I know He is going to use this platform to transform people and their faith.

Illustrating.  I remember telling someone in college I wanted to illustrate a children’s book one day.  Kind of a pipe dream considering that I wasn’t trained in that at all.  But it is happening!  And it is adorable–the author did a great job writing.  I am having so much fun.  All those years of reading to my kids and paying attention to the art and layouts as much as the story is making this easy to do.  I can’t wait until I can share more on that as I get more specifics.

So what do you think?  Is God closing that public school door and leading me this way or what?

See!  Listening and following God can pay off.  Having confidence in His plan and knowledge pays off.  Letting Him have control has GOOD outcomes.  He will surprise us all with what He can do when we just LET him.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Gotta do the Business Stuff

1-Scan-015FIRST, thanks to everyone who shares the word about my sites and shares the art.  The more shares on Facebook, Pinterest, and of the blog the more we spread the Good News of God.  God bless each of you!

Second,  Jeff gets so annoyed with me.  I hate doing the business stuff.  I just want to paint and write about sharing faith.  But, it does help to promote to help pay for the blog and all the supplies I suppose.

So here goes, lots of opportunities to support this ministry of mine–and actually for you to enjoy it even more.  Lots of ways to be blessed with God’s love through the art!

Prints:  lots and lots of the art is for sale over on Etsy.  There is always a link up on the main navigation and in the side bar.  Do you need anything for weddings, graduations, father’s day, birthdays, or just to help you in your own faith?  My prints are just as vibrant as the originals and very affordable.  Want one from the blog and don’t see it in the shop?  Let me know, and I can make a new listing.  Greeting cards, journals, and three sizes of prints are available there. (And I would be remiss to not give a HUGE shout out to everyone who has already purchased there and joined me here through Etsy.  THANKS!)

Zazzle:  I am working on more products over there!  Check out the phone cases, magnets, and more!

Spoonflower:  Did you know you can get my art on fabric?  Yep!  Thanks to Gail (she is my awesome fabric guru) you can get many of the designs there.  And on gift wrap!

Bible Study:  you know I am promoting this learning tool for you!  It starts JUNE 1!  I am pretty psyched to see where God takes us on that journey!  I would love to have you join us.

NEW!  Teaching and Speaking!  I am venturing out to use my background in teaching (one of those small things in the series leading to something bigger).  I will be offering classes on faith art journaling through Little Pastiche Studio here in Mokena.  Dates available soon.  But I am also gearing up to take my show on the road!  You can now schedule me to come speak at your church, club, Bible study, whatever.  I will teach how you can use art journaling to go deeper in your own faith and share what it has done in my life.  Use the contact me button above to get more information.

SEE?  I have been crazy busy over here.  God is doing amazing things.  He is using my art to spread His message of love.  I am merely a conduit.  So thanks for checking out, and supporting, His plans for me.  I love sharing it with you!  God bless each of you!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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