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More Action Verbs: #5 Bind

bind them-010

I think we may have read this passage at our wedding.  It is actually one of my all time favorites.  There is something poetic and soulful about taking the deep words and promises of a glorious God and BINDING them and WRITING them directly on your heart.  That’s good stuff.  And there are soooo many good words in the Bible from God…uh, hence all my art and this blog and etsy shop.  I am going to have a really hard time running out of beautiful and smart words to share.

What are passages you have on your heart?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Action Verb Week #4: Stand, Strive


Kind of a silly little picture, I wasn’t especially careful with the lettering–I think I was in a hurry that morning.  But I still really like this one.

Faith can be a tricky balancing act, can’t it?  We know as Christians what we should do and think.  But we are human in a crazy world.  Sometimes we feel like we are standing with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Sometimes, we feel like we only have one foot down and the other is doing who knows what:  flinging about?  tucked up nicely hiding?  Or …maybe like a flamingo–balanced quite well, actually.

I think God knows and understands this plight.  He knows our hearts.  He has probed them.  So He understands when we are standing only on one foot, and He trusts we will put that foot down at some point and move forward.  He knows we are firm in spirit.  He knows when we are standing in faith.

I also like the side by side part…He calls us to fellowship with other Christians.  He knows we need them next to us.  Being in one mind for the faith–we can encourage each other to move forward–to strive to be better Christians, to tell more people.

God is so good like that.  In one simple little verse.  It is saturated with love, hope, comfort, and still a call to love one another and share the gospel.  Stand.  Strive.  He knows.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Action Verb Week #3: Stretch, suffer, build

spinning wheel

Sometimes part of the excelling is the hard suffering work and practice it takes.

  • I think of athletes drilling and pushing their muscles with hard work.  The ones who stretch and suffer are the ones who are rewarded.  The muscles that rip and stretch are the ones that get bigger and stronger.
  • Obviously this verse made me think of a spinning wheel and yarn.  There is a lot of hard work that goes into making a piece of cloth in the background before you finally have a piece of clothing or fabric for anything else.  The wool must stretch and be pulled to its very thinnest fiber, and then be mixed with many other fibers in a weaving.  But that is where it finds it’s strength.

So even though it feels as though we are suffering.  Even though we must stretch ourselves to the very limits.  We are not doing it in vain.  When we endure we grow.  We become steadfast.  We build the colony.  We build our steadfast clean hearts.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Action Verb Week #2: Be, excel, work

be steadfast

Here is the good news about all of that probing and examining–that hard work is not in vain.  I love that this verse starts with the name BELOVED.  God loves us in an amazingly deep way.  He is willing to work valiantly to gain our heart.  All He really wants is for us to choose Him and work valiantly to share this truth with others that they will choose Him.

Just like little bees working valiantly to care for their queen and colony.  We don’t need to care for our King, but we do for the colony.  Notice it isn’t for the work OF the Lord, but IN the Lord.  IN.  Caring for the colony.  Excelling at caring.  Faithfully caring.  Knowing that we are not working to gain God’s favor, and not to see immediate results, but to build our own faith, to build the faith of others, for we are already beloved.  So that when God looks into our hearts, He does not find evil, but a steadfast faith in Him and gratitude for being beloved.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Action Verb Week #1: Probe and examine

probe my heart

I noticed lots of action verbs when I was trying to decide which pieces to share this week, and a series formed.  I hope they call us to action.  🙂

This first one reminded me of dissecting the frog this spring with Phoebe for homeschooling.  There was a lot of probing and examining.  We weren’t sure about any part of the process.  What would we find in the box?  Would it be smelly?  What would it be like to cut the frog? What would be inside?  How would we react?   And we discovered, there was no evil in that frog.  It didn’t smell too bad, it wasn’t hard to cut him up because as we discovered more about his body and the amazing way God designed it, we were more and more curious and couldn’t get enough knowledge.

When God probes us, He has a better idea of what to expect, because He knows us.  He designed us.  He planned.  But we still have free will–He still comes to  us to examine what is in our hearts–and to see if we will confess it to Him and be honest.

Do your prayers include letting Him examine your heart?  Or are they filled with what you want, think you need?  Are you planning evil, just by wanting things your own way????  How would you respond to a deep probing test and examination?

As I consider this, I am not sure what Jesus would find.  I think there is no evil, but I can be pretty selfish and judgemental.  I am thinking I need to let Him probe me a little deeper.  And I need to ready my heart for that kind of examination.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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