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Commit to God


I am finding that this works.  Anytime that I am trying to do something for my own benefit, I have to struggle through.  If I am doing it because I feel called by God, to serve someone else, to spread the gospel, to show love to another, to bring joy–any of those and it totally goes well.  And usually better things come from it.  God is good like that.

He really does have a plan for us, and it is a plan that will prosper us in His ways.  Not necessarily in Earthly ways–there is the difference.  And really, He doesn’t want us to stray from that plan–so none of that stuff works out.  See?

The more I blog and create art for God, the more opportunities He throws my way.  The more involved I am in activities that pull me away from Him–the more annoying they get.

How about you?  Do you notice this in your life?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Become Better


Become Better by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

I haven’t shared a C. Joybelle C. quote in a long time.  She does have sooo many.

See the hope associated with this one?  The ability to RISE above.  To BECOME more and better.  To let go of past hurts, and past positives to be honest.

Because, sometimes, the good things that have happened can hold us back just as much as the bad!  I know there have been times that I thought I was as good as or better (read superior) than someone due to my education/grades/honors, my home state (Ok…still feel this way about Iowa, sorry), my Christianity. EW.  Did I just admit that?  I wanted to go around bragging about my “wonderful” history.  All the good stuff.  Well, you know what?  I needed to get over myself.  We all have good stuff we all have bad stuff.

And the reality is:  NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT MOST OF IT.  And to be completely honest…most of the time, most people DO NOT CARE.

They see what is right in front of them at that very moment.  That is what they will form opinions about.

Our goal needs to be to ALWAYS do better, and to do it in humility.

Butterflies don’t run around showing off.  They just ARE.

In the moment.

Above the noise.

On hope.

With sighs of the Spirit.

That’s where I want to rise to.  How about you?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Sighs to Deep


Romans 8:26 Sighs too Deep by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

We sang this as a prayer response at a church I went to.  My friend, Lori, played acoustic guitar and led us in this refrain:

The spirit intercedes for us with sighs to deep for words alone to express.

It was gorgeous.  It touched me to the very core.  Even though it was several years ago, I can still hear it.

And when I came across this verse again this summer I knew I needed to paint it.  With a butterfly–a sweet little spirit, a soft melody floating on the edge of my consciousness.  A fluttering in my soul of hope–that Jesus hears us, the Spirit intercedes for us in ways we do not even understand.  Our prayers lift up like butterflies flitting on a breeze to take care of us, for things we ask for, and for things we do not even know are coming–the good and and the bad.

So I leave you today with that image, that thought.  I hope that you sigh right now.  I hope you feel that sigh rise from you to your Savior–He hears your hopes.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Whispers of Hope


Hope Whispers by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

I mentioned last week that I had series set up for each week in September, this week is all butterflies.  I love these little insects, and their moth counterparts.  I find them so full of contrasts: delicate, yet strong.  Tiny but mighty.  Slow legged caterpillar  vs winged and flight filled adult.

They embody hope to me.  Anything can metamorphise into something better.  Not necessarily bigger, but definitely better.  The soft whispering of their tiny wings carries them to amazing heights and across miles.  Their delicate beauty can transfix the toughest person.  I truly believe God gave them to us as a reminder of hope.

Today, listen for hope, watch for it.  Let it encourage you to try just one more time.  We never know what will result.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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