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A Two Step Process

So really, there are two main steps to being a Christian.  Right?  Jesus gave us two big ones:  BELIEVE  and then GO TELL.  Easy peasy.

Well, not so much.  If only it was that easy!  Sometimes the believing is easy.  I am very blessed to have been raised a Christian, and I have followed since my childhood.  For others, who did not have a faith filled childhood and lots of role models it can be a lot harder.  And even though I have believed, I haven’t always walked as strong in faith as I am now.

But for the most part, I have step one down.


And once He’s got ya, what a wonderful thing!  He pulls us in His net and keeps us as His own.  He fills us with love, peace, strength, and joy.  I only wish I was better at telling people face to face how great it is to be caught by Jesus!  This step is so fulfilling.

That second step, that is the hard one.  Going and telling about Him.  He told Simon not to be afraid when Jesus called him to be a disciple:IMG_0032Jesus knew they were not going to be catching fish.  He knew that catching people would be tricky, disconcerting, maybe even frustrating.

Probably not a lot different than fishing for actual fish.

But Jesus told him, “Do not be afraid.  Go.  Tell.”  We should share how GREAT it is to be a Christian.  Not how hard, not how frustrating.  But all that wonderful stuff I listed above.

So I am working on that second step.  I am getting better.  It has been easy all these years to disciple kids and spread the gospel through Sunday School and VBS.  But adults, whoowheee.  That is SCARY for me.  I am trying to spread Jesus’ love one day at a time.  Watching for people who might be ready to be caught, to take that first step.

What tips do you have?  Are you good at spreading the gospel?  How do you do it?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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