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Save Me

save me o god for the waters

‘Tis Good Friday.

On that day long ago, the time had come.  Jesus could no longer escape His fate.

These words are from Psalms, but somewhat fitting, don’t you think?

As Jesus called out to God, and prayed in Gethsamane, were these some of His thoughts?

Should these be our thoughts as we call out to Jesus ourselves confessing how much we need Him?  Needed that sacrifice on the cross?  Needed Him to save us.

Were these the thoughts of the disciples and followers during the three days until resurrection?  And many did not find out for longer.  What a horrible wait.

At least we know the outcome and can hold on to that fact.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

My Words Will Not Pass Away

words will not pass away

This is one of the last parables recorded in Luke before the Holy Week story.  Jesus knew what was coming.  He knew that His time on Earth was almost over and the plan to use Him to restore God’s people to Him, through Him.

And Jesus knew that His words would last and last and last.  That they would speak to people all over the world, in different walks of life, for thousands of years.

In my speaking talks I mention that I could have used a whole stack of self help books to get me through my depression, but I found solace in the Bible.  I realized recently…Jesus isn’t called wonderful counselor for nothing.  His words are written to each of His creations, living and meant for each of us individually, He hears when we call, He hears when we are grateful.

All sorts of theories and philosophies and fads will come and go.  But the great counselor’s words will not pass away.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Is that what I ordered?

bow down and give thanks

Lot’s of questions are running through my own head lately, and it seems to be coming out in my writing, because I have more for you today.

Remember yesterday I asked if you were grateful for each sip of living water you get from God?

So let’s think of it this way.  You are in a restaurant and the waitress/waiter forgets to bring your drink, or refill it.  How do you go about asking/reminding him/her?  And then how do you react when you finally get it?  And it is not what you ordered?

Seems like the Jews had been really thirsty for a Messiah for a long time.  And God delivered.  In His own wonderful sweet time.  And then it wasn’t what the Jews ordered.

It was better.

But.  It still wasn’t what they wanted.  So they threw it out, threw a temper tantrum, and walked away.  Too bad, because if they had looked in the glass they would have realized they gave up the very best on the house drink ever.

How about you?  Have you accepted what God offered as His absolute best thing on the menu?  Or are you waiting for something just a little better?  Will you accept what God offered graciously, knowing that what He delivers is exactly what you need whether it is what you ordered or not?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Be Thirsty My Friends

Oh God my god

Are you thirsty for His living water?   Not just thirsty enough that you smell the milk, it’s almost okay, so you drink it anyway.  Not just thirsty enough that you will drink the kool-aid in front of you.  Not just thirsty enough to drink what you see in a commercial.

But really thirsty.

Desiring deep, sighing gulps of cool, homemade lemonade on a 100 degree day after working in the yard thirsty.  Constant sips of hot coffee that you require to wake up thirsty.  So insanely thankful to chug that glass of water after eating ghost peppers thirsty.

How do you look for God?  Do you just take what is presented to you for granted?  Or do you look for what is meaningful?  Do you require more of His water everyday to keep you going and will you make time in your schedule and wait in line you want it so much?  Are you grateful for every ounce of water you get?

How thirsty are you?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Only Christ

only Christ can pull

Happy Holy Week!  Which sounds kind of strange considering one of the main events was the scariest, saddest moment in history.  But it starts with a parade and it ends with a resurrection.  So, yes, happy holy week.

Life has been crazy busy.  I have truly got to a point where I can handle one week at a time, and then I scramble to meet the deadlines and needs of those seven days.  And somehow Lent passed me by.  I don’t feel prepared this year, I don’t feel like my soul is right.

But that is what Holy Week is all about. ALL.  About.  Is that He lived these events to pull us out of sin and pull us close and get our souls right.  Even if we have to do it one week or one day at a time.  He works with us and leads us back to what is right.

Today I am going to focus my thoughts on that amazing parade, with a humble man on a slooooowwww donkey walking the streets of Jerusalem after He brought Lazarus to life.  That guy is the only one I want to lead me.

Guess what?  This is the song that popped up on Pandora while I was typing.  God is so good.  Never heard it before, LOVE it.  I found it on YouTube for you and I am listening to it over and over. Check it out:      All Sons and Daughters “Oh How I Need You”

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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