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Spread It Thick

spread kindness, light, love

Light and love.  Spread that stuff thick.  Like peanut butter.  That has become my mantra for this year.   And I thought I was going to focus on either “enough” or “surrender”.  God is so funny like that!

I just finished this art for this little week long series on houses.  I sketched it last fall, but then it just sat there, no color, no words.  Bleh.  So I painted it, as bright as I could.  I added all the flowers, and the birds, and the little doodad details.  And then I saw something about spread love everywhere on Pinterest–and I thought of this little drawing.  Of a village.  With variety.  A place with a lot of understanding, trust, big and little things, knowledge, treasures.  Light.  and Love.  And Kindness.  You know–knowledge, understanding, all that jazz.  🙂

This is what I want my world to look like I decided.  Happiness and love bouncing around.  Closeness.  Joy, even amongst the hills and valleys.  A place where there are similarities, but no cookie cutters.  A place where kindness, light and love are spread THICK, or at least where I can spread it thickly.

Now, in this little piece, I can kind of see Greenfield, Iowa where I was born and where my parents live again.  Hmmm.  And my aunt made a keen observation–maybe I long for a 3 story house with an art studio on the top level lined with windows so I can see out on all God’s love and light.  Hmmm.  Perhaps someday.

Learned a lot about myself this week.  Did you learn anything?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Everyone Who Honors

everyone who honors your name

My concentration is off today. Do you ever have those days?

I did the other blog posts for this week over the weekend.  Now it is Wednesday–I was very productive yesterday.  But today–not so much.  I have been wandering from thing to thing.  I go to do something, and get distracted by something else, I called someone but got voicemail, Phoebe did most of her homeschooling by herself.  So I thought, I will sit down and finish my blogging for the week.  And this is all I can come up with!

But the good news with this artpiece is–it works with my state of mind!  Know how?  I know that because I am faithful to God, He will be faithful to me.  I can trust He will help me focus again and get back on track.  I can trust that He will take care of me in the mean time and keep me safe from harm–because who knows what I might do to myself in the meantime.  Probably slide down the stairs, or at least walk into a door.  He will watch out for me that the deadlines I am encroaching on will get filled eventually.

So I am going to say a little prayer here for focus.  Thank Jesus for being faith full when I depend on Him.  And know that my world will be all right.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


thinking about you city

I slept in again.  🙂  And I do not have any posts pre-scheduled.  So here we are, late again this morning.

But it’s all good.  God is with me.  He is thinking about me.  It is a new day and I am awake and enjoying it.  Praise to Him.

This new print was pretty popular this weekend at the show.  I think we all just need this little reminder.  We just need that big ole billboard sometimes right in front of us that God is thinking about each of us individually and He loves us in the midst of our day in our human world.  We need reminded that He is bigger and has more impact than any of our human constructs.  Yet, He stops to think of us and get our attention.  Again, Praise to Him.

Tomorrow morning, my family will be at the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade with a whole slew of tap dancers. Phoebe’s studio was invited to join in the fun–watch for us on tv.  🙂  So excited for her opportunity to tap among the buildings of downtown.  I pray that 1.  we will not freeze and 2.  that we will help people see God’s billboard through us while we are down there.  Wherever you are for the holiday I pray that 1.  you are warm and 2.  that you shine some Jesus too.

Love ya’ll!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

A HUGE House


Exodus 14:14 Remain Standing by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

So this is the for REAL Friday before Labor Day post.  🙂  So this weekend I am going to try and disconnect or REAL.

I am going to have to fight hard!

Not a battle we would usually give to God, but hey, He says He can and will take anything.  And sometimes its the little everyday battles that can be the hardest!  And I love that this verse reminds me that God is fighting for me when I am STILL, disconnected, just being.  He helps us through a battle everyday and leaves us standing on this earth until our battles are complete.  I am thankful for all the battles.  I am even more thankful He is next to me!!!

So as we enjoy our earthly castles this weekend, don’t go to far from your heavenly King and He will bless you!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

House of Prayer


Isaiah 56:7 House of Prayer by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Let’s pray today:

  • that people will realize that churches are full of broken, real people
  • that we are all in search of daily soul healing
  • that more people will realize that they can find healing in churches
  • and that more Christians will be accepting of their own faults, and allow more who need healing in their midst
  • that Christ will lead those people in the church:  those in charge and those who are following
  • that churches will be visible cornerstones of communities not closed off buildings
  • that our homes will be filled with prayers to you Jesus and be focused on coming closer in relationship with you and your babies
  • for all people of this world:  those in governments with peace, those with governments in chaos
  • for all the people of this world who are healthy and those in need of healing
  • for those people who do not have homes, and that those who have them will be grateful for all they have

In your name Jesus….all God’s people said….AMEN!


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Houses #4

IMG_0006-003Do you say bedtime prayers?  I am more likely to pray in the morning.  I spend most of the time I am walking/jogging praying–gratitude, intercessions, for God’s leadership and wisdom.  We pray before our meals.  And I do pray most nights with the kids before bed.  (Sometimes they out last me and Jeff tucks them in, there are some nights I completely crash.)  I grew up saying Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Jesus Tender Shepherd, and the Lord’s Prayer.  I say those with my kids.  But lately I have been saying a special prayer for each of them.  Each child gets a variation of this:

Dear God, Be with **** tonight.  Fill their dreams with wonderful ___ and help them feel safe.  Help his/her body grow tonight and be healthy…without hurting (because lots of growing pains lately).  Thank you for keeping **** safe all day and be with them tomorrow.  We thank you for ****’s special talents______.  We ask you to forgive them for ____ and help them do _____ better tomorrow.  Fill his/her brain with ____, the heart with ____, and their day with _____.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.  We are usually asking for patience, compassion, wisdom, love, all sorts of things.

It has been great.  Each child really responds to this kind of individual, personal attention.  I still think learning the other prayers are important, but I think they feel a closer relationship to Jesus this way.  What songs and prayers are in your home?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Houses #3


I have been blessed to be surrounded by my blood family.  So many people are not.  I created this for a family that works with foster and adopted kids.  I pray for those families who cannot care for their own children, I pray for those children looking for homes and families, I pray for the people who choose to bring those children into their homes and share their family.

This is one of God’s commandments:  to care for the widows and children.  To care for the lost.  To show them the path to Him, to love, confidence, acceptance, salvation.  To be a light.  Maybe right now we are caring for our blood family, maybe we are bringing people into our homes, maybe we are providing for children in other places.  Blessed is all of that work!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

House week #2


Currently enjoying the hearts and homes of my family.  Iowa is definitely HOME.  The rolling hills of the southwest corner, the quilt of all the different fields connected by white gravel roads that sparkle like diamonds in the sun.  Yes, this pulls my heart strings.  I have lived many places, and still this is what I crave.  There is a wholesomeness to Iowa, a welcoming spirit, an acceptance that I feel here.  It is not perfect by any means. It would not be the right place for everyone.  But I long to be back here more and more.  Plus, it is totally nice to be around family.  🙂

My parents and my sister are in the process of selling homes they used to live in.  I had friends who recently moved across the country, and some across the globe.  It all reminds me, that it is not the houses we live in.  It is the hearts of our loved ones that make it home.  I have struggled with my current location of residence in Illinois, it is not a place I would have chose.  But it is where we are now.  And we have been able to make it a home through some of our dear friends.  And it is where my husband and children are.  It is my heart, and therefore my home.  It may not be my favorite environment, but it is a shelter for our love.  And that is what is important.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Rock Building


My faith is grounded in Jesus.

We are on the road in Iowa, and actually today  (June 30) we had a crazy storm…3 inches of rain in 30 minutes and a tornado passed just a few miles north of us.  No major damage at my parent’s acreage, but just north of them a lot of trees are flat, creeks are fast moving rivers, crops are flattened.

I know that my faith is one of the reasons storms don’t scare me.  I know that no matter what happens, my faith will carry me through.  The rock of Jesus will help me face anything that comes along.  That is comforting.  Faith is not an easy thing, that is for sure.  Faith does not mean that storms won’t try to flatten me, knock me from my solid ground.  Faith means that another layer of bedrock is added with each challenge.  Faith is confidence that the sun will shine, I will continue to have loved ones, that I can persevere to share God’s love.

I hope that your rock is solid.  I pray that your faith gives you confidence.

And I ask you to pray for the farmers who lost crops, for those who deal with storms.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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