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Make Your Journey Into Your Promised Land


Make Your Journey into Your Promised Land by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

I am still thinking about the IF Conference. Still processing all they said, all I wrote down, and how it affected me.  Christine Caine spoke the second day and here are a few of the notes I took (I considered scanning and posting, but they were written furiously fast and messy, so here is a synopsis, and yes I used that many all caps):

*We are on the edge of the Promised Land.  How long have I been standing on the edge of the river Jordan?  Maybe in ankle, knee, or thigh deep?  I need to SUBMERGE and TRANSFORM.  God has a special place planned for me, here and in heaven.

*Past seasons are over and it is time to move on–I must be STRONG AND COURAGEOUS.  I must let go of what is dead and done–I must DISMOUNT THAT DEAD HORSE.  

*He says, “I am the God of I AM, not I WAS!!

**The call of God will be inconvenient and disruptive.  He is waiting on me to take the risk and trust that He will give me courage.  I need to embrace my place God has assigned me and be ready to serve.

I love love love the dead horse imagery!  Good thing I didn’t use that in the art, huh?

But it is sooooo true!  I have been holding onto a lot of baggage.  WHY?  Isn’t it silly?  Why would I allow one tiny season/comment/situation in my life define my WHOLE life?  Why???  I can learn from all those past experiences. I can remember the good ones that have shaped me.  But it might be time for me to cross over that river into the promised land.  God planned me with talents to do His work, and it just might be time.

What if Jesus came for me right now to take me to that promised place?  Would I be like, “Wait.  Just a sec, you are moving too fast–I have to drag all this SH*# with me!  I can’t leave it behind!  I’d rather do this other stuff!”

NO!  I would drop it all like a hot potato and run for His arms!  So why not do it in this life?  Every day as a Christian is another choice to believe, to follow, to serve.  Easter and spring always seem to refresh those choices.  Today I choose to step into my promised land.

As I am writing, I am scrolling back and forth to look at the art.  God is so cool–He helped me add in a whole slew of little symbols that I didn’t notice until now:  like the blue river Jordan on the right side, or the print of the doily that is sort of like a light shining, or the green butterfly fresh out of a cocoon ready to fly and be transformed.  Looking at the art makes me feel that much more ready.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Yes You Can



Friday night’s speakers continued with Rebekah Lyons, and boy, did she call us out.  These women were on FIRE.  Her message started by calling us to revival–it has been over a hundred years since that has happened in a big way here in the U.S.  Our nation has a lot of idols and is turning away from putting God first.  I look at so many people who are searching for the next big, new thing–when really they just need that hole inside filled with the love and peace of Jesus to feel whole.  To realize that THEY are the next, big, new thing.  

Her message was a call to action as Christians in a big way.  It is time to confess that we are not perfect just because we are Christians, to let go of the past and the sin that has happened, and to let go of the righteousness.  It is time to stop being safe and to step out in faith and share.  It is time for each of us to be the ministers and to stand strong in the spirit to point the way back to Jesus.

I am telling you it was POWERFUL stuff.  I was crying like a baby.  And this is only half way into the first night!  I started seeing my past, my now, and my future in a different light.  I started seeing my faith in those different seasons in a new way.  Because we all go through different seasons.  I know my faith was different as a child, as a high-schooler, as a college student, as a dink (dual income no kids), as a new mama, through moves, through our crazy stint here in Illinois that has brought me to now.

But the main message I got was YES I CAN.  I can do this.  I can revive my own faith in a bigger, deeper way this year.  I can obey what God has intended for me.  He has given me unique talents.  I can share it with others without bleeding myself dry (more on that later this week). I am safe, I am enough, and I am willing to pay the price to be whole in Christ.

I pray for all of you that you will be a part of a revival.  That you will know that you are safe, enough, talented, and called to share that wonderful news with everyone.  In big or little ways we can change our worlds.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

what if

More collage people.  Again, made this last fall, but they are so speaking to me in this very moment.IMG_0002

I went to a conference this weekend:  the IF Gathering.  It was based in Austin, Texas but there were simul-cast/local gatherings all over the globe.  It was highly emotional, digging deep into faith and preparing women to go out and share our faith, change our environments, and find out…what if?

Our scripture base for the first night was the story of how the 12 tribes have been in the wilderness, the men go out, check out the promised land, come back and 10 of them decide it is too risky.  Much to the sheer disappointment and frustration of Joshua and Caleb, they stay in the wilderness.  The people REJECT the promised land.  Can you imagine?

Of course we can, we are in a wilderness society right now.  Our culture is pushing all sorts of things–but faith is not one of them.  We will have to go to war against society to keep our faith strong and to share Christianity.  That can be scary.

The speakers the first night did not start us off easy.  Jennie Allen, the founder, was our first speaker, and she opened with three really great questions that keep us from moving forward…1.  Am I enough?  2.  Am I going to be safe?  and 3.  What is this going to cost?  So true!

So then, Angie Smith discussed what makes us feel legitimate, do we value our own gifts or those of others?  Next was Jo Saxton  and she reminded us to live in the fullness of our own identities to get the fullness of God’s promise for each of us.  Not my neighbor’s promise and destiny.  Not some other artist or writer or mom or homeschooler.  MINE.  Because God equipped me to be ENOUGH, with my own unique set of gifts.  Just like He did for each of us.  Jesus is ready to lead each of us to our  promised land.

Will we say yes or no?  Will we cross that river and set foot in the promised land or stay on the bank just dipping in our toes.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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