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More Light

light and salvation

Another play on yesterday’s theme.  This time a light bulb for each piece of the trinity:  Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  Putting out some seriously awesome light.  That is filled with love.  Say it in your head…luuuuv.  🙂

Light and love.  Light and love.  Light and love.

Let that be your mantra for today.

As you go into work:  light and love.

As you clean up the house:  light and love.

As you deal with people annoying you:  light and love.

As you are surrounded with your favorite people:  light and love.

As you care for your self:  light and love.

As you sleep:  light and love.

Not the things of the former self and past, but right now:  LIGHT.  LOVE.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Searching for an Inn


I lied…I kept listening to the Piano Guys and came across this one and got another idea!

Code Name Vivaldi (Bourne Soundtrack/Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto) – ThePianoGuys

I am a DIEHARD fan of the Bourne movies.  LOVE them, watched them over and over, love the music soundtracks (had one as a ringtone).  It is something I share with Jeff and my dad–we even let the kids watch the chase scenes they are sooo good.  I know, crazy.

So what the heck does Bourne have to do with Christmas and being an innkeeper???

The searching.  The never giving up to find out who we truly are.

 That is what this week leading up to the birth of Christ is!  Right?  Mary and Joseph searched and searched for a room, and there were no guest rooms/upper rooms available (plus who wants to go up stairs when you are labor???)  So they stayed in a stable.

The Hebrews had been searching for a savior.  The wise men were searching for a star.  The shepherds were searching for what the angels announced.

We are all searching to find out who we are, for the IN:

we are God’s children.  We are LOVED.  That is who we are.

We just have to open up the stables in our hearts and acknowledge it all–let it all in–throw open those doors–let all those other searchers in and just roll with all that love.

So:  directions for today:  listen to the song, imagine Joseph and Mary searching, imagine the Hebrews searching, wise men searching. US searching.  Feel the urgency.

Then, realize, as they all did, we found the IN

Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of All who Loves and Commands us to Love Like Him.  

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Magic of the Season


**Quick note–the images are going to appear smaller now–apparently I was using too much drive space at Dreamhost and it was causing my site to go down a lot this fall.  One of the steps I am taking is to post smaller resolution images.  Hopefully this helps!

I have been sucked into the Hallmark movie channel–all the Christmas ones are playing and I can not get enough of the love and magic in those movies!  They are not “Christian” but I do love that none of them focus on lustful love or the presents–but that wonderful magic that happens when people share, and give, and bond–between two people and in whole communities.  Ahhh.  Yes, the romantic in me sighs every time.

The great thing about this time of year, I have finally realized, is that we are supposed to celebrate the romance and magic of the season.  During my scroogey years I got sucked into Santa Christmas and the whole wrong magic– and it made me crazy.  It made me despise this time of year.  Now that I am focusing more on the Jesus magic and love, I have it all back in perspective.

Remembering where the magic really is this season can get tricky.  The magic IS NOT SANTA.  He is a representation of the magic–because the MAGIC is the sharing of LOVE.  And that love when true and light filled comes from one source: Christ. Whether non-Christians want to believe that or not, our faith tells us God created us all with the capacity to love and requires us to share that with one another.  God designed each of us to share the magical sense of love with one another.  And it is magical when we see love being shared.  Truly it is–it shines like a star.

I hope that you are all able to see the shiny Jesus magic star love this holiday season.  I hope that we are able to share it with those around us.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Moon and Stars


Just a fun quote to start the week.

Last week I traveled to Iowa with two girlfriends to do some antiquing/junking/treasure hunting.  We stayed with my family and I got the chance to show them some of the beautiful side of Iowa.  The one night my dad encouraged us to go out and see the clear sky full of stars.  If it had not been so darn chilly that night, I think we would have stayed out there gazing at them for hours.  It is so dark with no city lights, crisp and clear with no pollution and the sky is polka-dotted with millions of pricks of light.  It is gorgeous and awe-inspiring.

I originally found this quote when I was looking for inspiration for a bride.  I loved the concept that we don’t need the material stuff in a marriage.  It is the commitment to standing and enjoying the light and awe of love.  And sometimes that is hard–life gets clouded with pollution and swamped with light that drowns out the simple things.  It is about stopping to be together and just enjoy.  It is about keeping a promise to shine for each other.  It is about that forever quality of being in a very special relationship, especially when it is grounded by faith and the knowledge it can go on for eternity.

So tonight, find the light of a star–outside or the inside the one you love and enjoy it.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Affect the Day


Let’s go out and affect this day!  We can make the quality of it high–we can make it better, make it glorious, make it filled with love.  This is what we are called to do.

We cannot change other people’s reactions, attitudes, and behaviors–but we can affect them.  By being positive role models, by being cheerful, by sharing unconditional love.

There is no reason to worry–what will be will be.  We are provided for in huge ways.  We are going to encounter struggles, but how we deal with them is what is really going to make the difference.  We can sit and stew on them and ruin the moment that is right now, we can miss the beauty of the moment of right now and the wondrous things God is currently doing.  Or we can rise to the moment and enjoy it in all of its splendor.

We have been given Today.  We must make it the best possible we can in gratitude to God for giving it to us.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Comfort, Hope and Cheer


For me it can be hard to feel–not worthy of God’s love–but to feel worthy of being His messenger.  I often get caught up in doubting my skills, the depth of my surrender.

I don’t doubt His love for it was His love that lifted me from the pit of depression and kept me from doing anything permanent.  It was His love that led me to healing.  But often I still look in the mirror and see the shadows.  I wonder if others see my self doubt.  Because of course in those moments my brain tells me that no one else feels this way, that others are so liked by their peers that they do not doubt.

But then I remember GOD created me.  He created me beautiful in body and spirit to HIM.  That I bring HIM joy.  That when I am a messenger for Him that He finds my actions beautiful despite my skills or surrender.  He knows that being His messenger will only bring me closer to a more beautiful relationship with Him.  And that brings me comfort, hope and cheer.

I hope that you feel that comfort as well.  For He created you as well and those words above are true for you as well.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Just Encourage People


Encourage People by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Encouraging those around us:  it is so direly necessary.  We all need cheerleaders:  those people in our life who help us stay up, hopeful, filled with faith.  Those who love us as we are.  We are usually very good at encouraging those who are closest to us.  That can be easy.

But what about the others…you know…all of the other people that we encounter each and every day.  Strangers.    They need our encouragement too!

I decided a long time ago, I like compliments.  It makes my day when someone tells me they like my crazy short haircut, or the shirt I have on, or how well behaved my kids are being–it does happen sometimes–the behavior and the compliments :).  Those words FEEL GOOD.  They make my heart swell.  And not in a vain way, but in a hey! I made a good choice way!  Someone noticed something good!  Maybe it brought both of us joy!  I can feel it all the way to my toes.

So I decided, I would hand out compliments.  To random strangers.  If I see someone who looks great, I tell them.  If someone is doing something great.  I tell them.  If they make any sort of positive impact on me, I tell them, or if I think my words will have a positive impact on them, I tell them.

And the best part:  the smiles I get back.  I smile all they way to my toes.  I feel like I am helping them stay up, hopeful, and filled with faith for our world.  I am spreading the love of Jesus in a heartfelt way.

Melissa at yourmomhasablog.com just posted on this last month.  Her words rang so true.  She ends her post like this,” She probably has no idea that her comments still come back to me to this day, sweet encouragement at times when I need it. I want my words to hang delicious over someone’s head, always ready to breathe life and healing into them when they need some. It’s such a simple imperative: See the beauty and good in people, and say what you see. If we start today, who knows how much love we can dole out, one sweet word at a time?”

Check out the whole story.  It is awesome.  It will inspire you to spread some love, not just today, but everyday.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Miracles of Great Love


Great Love Miracles by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

One quick reminder!  Have you been to Bible Stories from the Heart Bible study of Exodus?  At least check out the website and facebook page please!  I am going to be creating different art for over there and tutorials on how I create them.  Abbie and Leslie have all sorts of plans to help us go deeper in study and share with people from all over, in our own time.  The link is in the sidebar as well.  It is definitely a small piece leading to a great thing and I would love to share it with you!  🙂

I have had some long posts this week, so I will try to keep  it short today.

Miracles:  God is awfully good at them, isn’t He?  When I think about that series of small stuff, I see miracles of His love throughout.  His love is so incredibly great, He really was with me all along working his miracles each day.

Miracles don’t have to be HUGE things.  Sometimes a miracle is just that overwhelming feeling of being alive.  Of being so insanely loved and pursued by Christ.  Of the knowledge that God created everything around us.  Of the miracle that Christ died for us, that grace is available every moment.

That is a great love.  That is a great miracle.

Don’t you think so?

Look for little miracles of great love today.  Your turn to write–leave me some comments!  Tell me about the great love you encounter. , of the miracles in your everyday.  I can’t wait to share in your miracles.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

God So loves each of us


God So Loved the World John 3:16

It is Good Friday.  The day that we remember the crucifixion of Christ.  The day God proved just how much He loved each of us, despite the dark moments, despite the weirdness, despite all of our cracks and need for grace.  He loves us whether we have unwrapped our talents, and whether we have unwrapped His gift of love and grace.  He loves us.  He has complete faith in us.  He forgives us.  He wants us. Each and every one.

God loves us so much that He gave up His own son so that He can keep all of His children with him in heaven.  We are eternally HIS.  Jesus carried the weight of all those sins, and hung there dying, to give us life.

Today we remember Jesus’ act of complete and total obedience.  We observe the enormity of His sacrifice, and offer our thanks that He thought of each of us.  And today we can pledge to honor that gift to the full extent it deserves.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Loved in Darkest Moments


Loved in Darkest Moments Romans 5:8


These words give me so much peace.  When I was in my deepest, darkest spots of depression what kept me going was the knowledge that God still loved me, despite my shortcomings and worry.  I could hear him whispering it to me.  As I would cry, and criticize myself, there was always a voice that repeated, “I love you, I always have, I always will, I am always here.  You will be okay.”  I listened to the voice, and I am still here, still loved, still held by Jesus.

We all have the dark moments.  They come cloaked in all sorts of costumes:  illness, marriage issues, death, debt, addiction.  And we can all find peace in Christ’s promise.  The words above are a super simplified version of how Paul spelled it out for us in Romans:

The Message (MSG)Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. PetersonBut we are of use now.  We can spread the word, the gospel, the hope that He loves us.  And what better time of year than now?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Be Complete on Your Own



Be Complete on Your Own

I decided to share some more of the collaged stamping pieces.

Do you remember in the movie Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise tells Renee Zellweger, “You complete me.”?  It was such a popular catch phrase for so long.

I came across this quote on Pinterest and liked it (by anonymous I am guessing, since it was not attributed).

God created us to be complete in and of ourselves.  He knew what we should be as a person.  But He also knew what we would need in a spouse, a friend, a family member.  We needed people to complement us, to help us learn, to teach us to love, to help us be a better version of ourselves.

God did a great job creating each of us.  But he knew we can’t do this on our own.  He calls us to brotherhood, calls us to fellowship.  He gave each of us unique spiritual gifts. And He gave us people in this world to help showcase them.  And He gave us Jesus.  What better complement to everything we do?



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

They didn’t know we were seeds



What we believe matters.  Our Christian faith endures.  They can try to silence us.  They can try to disprove us.  But it doesn’t work.  Especially if each of us shares our faith.

How many of you cope with seasonal allergies? This time of year when the grasses are coming out of dormancy and the trees are budding with new leaves can be really bothersome when your eyes are red and itchy and your nose leaking.  It can be hard to appreciate the new growth, to see the seeds flying in the air and littering the ground and not see a hot mess.  But each of those seeds is significant and vital.

Each of our acts as Christians is like those seeds.  We might have thousands of seeds to plant, and maybe only a few will take root, but each seed is vital.  How many times in a day do we have the opportunity to be a light, a seed in the world, and be an example of LOVE and GRACE.   We can let all the seeds just litter the ground and be in the way.   We can plant seeds that give us an image of being judgemental and unbending.  Or we can plant seeds everywhere we are, in every moment that we can, that spread joy and peace.  We can make our lives look appealing to non Christians.  Make them wonder what we have and want it.    We can plant ourselves, not be buried, but be planted and grow.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

A Valentine to God



A little prayer today.  Wanna say it with me?


Thank you for creating me.  Thank you for understanding that I will fall into sin sometimes, that I will not be all you intended me to be.  Thank you for loving me in spite of all my failures.  And thank you for stitching this life back together when I think I will fall apart.  Thank you for stuffing this life with unimaginable wonders, love, and peace–my family, friends, and the amazing world you brought me to.

Love ya God.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Act on It

There are so many ways to love people, so many different kinds of love.  What an amazing gift it is to love others.  How amazing that we are wired to feel that emotion.  Sometimes words are enough.  Sometimes an action means more.  Don’t sit still today–SHOW someone you care.  Whether it is someone you know or not, let that love shine out.  Don’t let the words get in the way.  Act on it.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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