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Not Disorder but Peace

not disorder peace

I like things all lined up and organized.  There are times that I literally cannot function until I clean up my studio space because it stifles my creativity so much.  And once I have a clean surface and can find everything again, I can breathe deeply, dig in, and just let it all flow–let it all go.  (Yes, Elsa is singing Let it Go in my head as I type LOL–I cannot escape Disney).

Anywhoo.  I like to imagine God in this verse kind of like Elsa in that famous song–sweeping His creativity across the world in one cleaning, clearing, organized swoosh of beautiful peace.  Just crystallizing the earth in shining peace.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful???  Because really that is how He creates the world.  Organized down to the very inner workings of each molecule.  His intelligent design of everything functions in such a fantastic system.

When we trust Him, when we work for Him, that organized peace flows into our hearts.  Really it does.  I am telling you, the peace that surpasses all understanding just puts everything in your soul in its place.  Your world will start to make sense in a whole new light.  And you will want to share that love and light. (Remember our mantra?)  Ahh,  it is such a good thing.  It makes me want to twirl.  LOL

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

The Benediction–Go in Peace


Numbers 6 Benediction Go In Peace by Nicole Plymesser Nelson


As you we end this week–as you stay home or travel this weekend–may you remember this verse.

In the ELCA Lutheran church we end every service with this. And then the pastor will say:  Go in peace, serve the Lord.  And the people respond with:  Thanks be to God.

It gives me peace, I hope it does for you also.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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