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Prayers for Paths


We have prayed for dwellings, travels, plants, and the little stuff.  All tangible things.  Today let’s go deeper.  Let’s pray for paths–those behind us and those ahead of us.

I know, I am going all Robert Frost on you today.  Don’t worry it won’t last.

Sometimes we have to pray for our past paths:  that we can accept them, see them clearly, see them through other perspectives, and then let them be for they have already happened and there is no going back.

We pray often for our future paths:  but do we pray for them the same way:  that we will accept our new path, that we will see the path clearly, that we will see the path through other perspectives, and then that we will accept those paths today and in front of us–for we have laid the groundwork for them already.  We are not the only ones in control.  We do not always know best.  We do not.

Let us be grateful that we HAVE pasts.  Let us be grateful that we HAVE futures.  Let us be grateful that they shape us into unique individuals.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Prayers: For the Little Things


This could be prayers for food and sustenance.

But I want to make it for the little things in our lives.  Popsicles are a bonus thing–and especially really pretty ones filled with fruit.  They are a bit of a luxury.  In American culture though we often take them for granted as basics.  Basics are rice and water.

What little things in your life make it more enjoyable?  More beautiful?  More joyful?  Do you even notice or pay attention to them? Do you REALLY?

Here is my list:   curtains in my house, the skylight in the kitchen, big windows,  using a straw to drink water, Prismacolor pencils, soft socks, my favorite quilt, a bite of chocolate, Q-tips, fragrant shampoo, really good spatulas and hot pads, thick towels, mint toothpaste, the heat out of the clothes dryer and warm jeans, metal rulers.

Silly little things.  Who prays for that stuff?  I should.  They make my day lovely.  You should.  What are yours?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Prayers for Plants


We pray for people all the time.  When was the last time you prayed for plants?

If you are a farmer, maybe recently.

So let’s pray for good crops.

Let’s pray for trees–their beauty, shelter to creatures big and small, for the wood they give, for the air they clean.

Let’s pray for flowers–that they grow and continue to color our world, that they continue to be signs of celebrations good and sad.

Let’s pray for grass–the green carpets we see each day that lay dormant all winter.

For weeds–that are so strong and hardy, and that help us appreciate the other plants so much.

For vegetables and fruits.

God is so good that He created a multitude of plants of all shapes, sizes, colors, and uses.  God is so good that He gave humans dominion over them that we may enjoy them.  Let us be thankful.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Prayers for Travel


Let us pray and reflect on travel today.

  • We all travel every single day–to and from in a variety of transportation.
  • There are those who travel for a living–moving goods, services, and people.  They spend their waking hours making our lives easier.  And there are those in the background making that travel work smoothly.
  • There are those we should lift up who make the modes of transportation–the vehicles, planes, and those who work on the roads and tracks.
  • We can lift up those who travel by foot, and for those who require wheelchairs and braces to help them move.

Let us pray that all of us will have safe travels today.  Let us be grateful for the ability to move about and enjoy God’s creation.  Let us be grateful for the opportunity to help the gospel travel.

As you get in a car, train, wheelchair or whatever it is today–be thankful for it and the people who made it possible.  And we pray that it will bless you and others through you this day.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Cast Anxieties


1 Peter 5:7 Cast Anxieties by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Following God sure is a lot easier when we cast our anxieties off and let Him have them.  He truly cares about each of us, does not want us to worry, and is ready and waiting to take all that burdens us.

This is one thing I am getting a little better at.  I have been giving Him a lot lately.  Praying some big prayers that I am not going to worry about my parenting choices, I am giving it 6 months before I look for a full time teaching job–because I am going to trust HIM.  To protect my babies in ways I never can and to lead them into independence from me, but leaning on Him.  To provide for some of the bills we have and foresee through this ministry.

Now, the hard part is giving in to HIS answers to prayer.  That is definitely the harder part!  But I know that any answers He gives are part of His master plan and He knows better than me.  And so the letting go and going along with it is getting easier as well.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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