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Also like a hike…

brought me into spacious

Have you ever been hiking? I go with my sister and my kids.   Have you ever followed a winding trail through a forest over bumpy stones, craggy roots, brushed with tall weeds?  My favorite part is when you get to the top and can see a great open space.  I do like to hike–even though no matter what I put on I end up rashy from plants and insects.  But what makes it worth it for me is that end view.

I really prefer walking the prairie or a beach where there are wide open spaces.  Not only do I not have any reactions, I also do not feel claustrophobic.  And I like being able to see ahead.

Which maybe is why I also hate following huge trucks on the road…

But I digress.  Trusting God is kind of like that forest hike.  Even though I would much prefer the open prairie, sometimes I am in the trees.  I can enjoy the view in the trees and learn about all sorts of interesting things about nature, and I could go off the path to learn more on my own.  But it is keeping my eye on following the right path that will rescue me, bring me into a spacious place, where I can feel rescued from the bugs and delight in the view.  And feel the joy of accomplishing the hike.

Are you following me?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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