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Ha!  I made this one to remind myself that I don’t have to make perfect, beautiful art every time.  I can just get some thoughts out and enjoy the process.  But it is also the perfect thing to post next because I realized Thursday this week that I double posted Monday and Wednesday.  I forgot I already had posts ready to roll, and wrote new ones.  Imperfection, unorganization, reality at its best people.

Working full time is an adjustment for me and the kids.  How I divide up my time is very different.  My energy level at night is even lower than before.  Thank goodness everything is within 5 blocks of us and I don’t have to race around as much!

We all need this reminder though don’t we?  Imperfection is okay. Only God is perfect.  And He never expects us to be at His level.  He expects us to create our own magic within the imperfection.  To allow our souls to have wiggle room to grow, to relax.  And most importantly to turn to HIM.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Get Back vs. Catch Up

catch up to God

This was in my devotions a couple weeks ago and I found it to be a very interesting concept.  I am all for getting into the Word, I try to do it every day.  But God is always one step ahead of us–so we must remember that as we read the Bible or pray to Him.

like this little prayer…

God let me be open to your plans and let me understand it through the words of the Bible.  Let me not linger on scripture as only something historical, but help me to see how it plays in my real time as I move through the day ahead of me.  I know that You have a plan for good, lead me to make good decisions so that I don’t mess that plan up.  Remind me to keep my eyes on you and trust what you have designed, so that I don’t get caught up in the mess of sin around me.  Let me be with you, as you are always with me.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Storm #1


One of those things about not living in the now is getting caught up in our storms–worrying how big they are going to get, thinking about past destruction.

I hate the new radar weather things on phones.  I find them ridiculous.  “Well, it says there is a 20% chance that it might rain at 2:00 tomorrow, but tonight will be just fine.”  Hmmm, yeah.  Ask your phone why it rained an inch and blew down my garage sale in the middle of the night when there was no percent.

I think the wind may have blown if it off the course and the weatherman didn’t catch that.

Yeah.  I don’t trust that stuff.  (Now I will admit, I should check it a little more–being a little prepared isn’t all bad.)

And personally, I like storms.  I find them fascinating and beautiful.  If something is going to happen, it is going to happen.  I just accept it.

I think this quote (forget where I found this one) says it all.  Who cares how big the storm is?  Who cares what path it is going to take?  If I live in the assurance that God will provide, if not on earth at least in heaven, it doesn’t matter what the destruction of stuff the storm does.  I can overcome any of that with a God as big as mine!  He has made some seriously big crazy awesome promises.  And one of them was NOT that life would be easy as His follower.

In FACT, if anything, God says over and over in the Bible that it will be harder and we will face more trials.  Yep.  You know it’s true!  Ya’ll have read it in there before.  Why don’t we believe this?   Just because we are Christians does not make us impervious to the world and the sin that is in it or the natural disasters.  We just have a much better coping system–if we actually use it.

So let go today of your storm.  LET GO.  Right now.  Quit complaining to God about it –He knows about it anyway.  And just tell the problem, “I am NOT going to let this get the better of me!  I am handing you over to God and I trust He will take care of you, you big stupid storm problem.  Now, GIT!”

And see what happens.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Walk through Today


Three things brought this art to fruition in the last couple weeks:

  1.  The supermoon/blood moon/ eclipse–It was so beautiful!  Being someone who chooses to live in a vacuum of news I just happened to come across someone’s facebook post or we would have missed it all together.  But I ended up going out and checking on it sporadically all night to see it’s different phases.  I considered how we knew what was going on scientifically, but how such an occurrence would have affected people even a couple hundred years ago and the stories that would have come from it.  Although I enjoy science very much, sometimes it bugs me that science takes away the magic, wonder, and awe of the design of our world–although in other ways it adds to it I guess as well.
  2. The spiders are CRAZY busy this fall.  We had a big wolf spider build a web that hung from our basketball hoop and was literally 3 feet in diameter.  We happened to park directly under it just as she was finishing up.  Our family stood there and stared into apparently nothing watching her construct the most beautiful and intricate and delicate finery I have ever witnessed.  I am sure our neighbors thought we were nuts, but we were mesmerized by the spider’s instincts and skills.  And of course the web was gone the next day.
  3. Then I ran across this thought/quote.  I forget where–I don’t think I came up with this.  But I love the visual of LIMPING through a day vs.  dancing to the full potential of the current day.  The moon and the spider web are two examples of living to full potential without worry for the next day.  Enjoying the moment, the now.  That isn’t always possible but when it is–it always makes an impact.

I never remember the time I spent sitting and worrying.  Or complaining.  And if I do remember it isn’t fondly!  I would love to limit that time, and invest more time into this day alone.  Just this one.  Not the next, not the past–can’t do anything about that anyway–but now.  Let’s see how I do…

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Every child has a Talent

Sometimes, it turns out, I am not very creative.  I like to reuse my favorite symbols and images (lots of flowers, birds, suns).  But what I find really interesting is when I even use similar colors and words on the pages.  For example these two, one done in the fall, one just recently.


Every child is gifted with talents, unwrap them at different times

Interestingly enough, both times I was thinking about my Tanner.  He is seven, and reading has not come easily for him.  I have struggled as a mama and a homeschooler with a lot of guilt.  I have wondered if I just didn’t teach him well enough, put in enough time.  You know, all the usual guilt stuff.  But I have to keep reminding myself of these two: The girls were readers early.  Phoebe still curls up with a book on her own, Annika takes a bit of prodding.  But Phoebe also loves words.  Annika would rather have a ball and glove in her hand.  Tanner just hasn’t unwrapped his gift for reading yet.  And he has other talents–he is hilarious and one of the most loving. generous kids you will ever meet.  Those qualities might make his life easier in many ways.

I also have to remember this:


Have faith in your child

(Funny how the same red flower is shaped, the words are similar.)

This is the important part.  I have to have FAITH in him.  He knows when I am frustrated and he shuts down.  All kids will react, and live up to, our expectations of them.  If they are told, “YOU are stupid and rotten.”  They believe it.  How many adults have stories they remember about a certain teacher or adult who had no faith in their abilities and were vocal about it?  The more I encourage him, the better he does.  I go for a conference at the school tomorrow so they can update me on his progress.  I know I am already seeing a difference.  It has been hard to give up homeschooling him, even part of the day, but I see that this is best for him.

So as a mama and teacher I have to remind myself to ask this question:  How can we expect to know all the gifts of our children at an early age? I know adults who did not unwrap their talent completely until they were over forty, or more.  I know adults that changed their path with the use of their gift completely.   We lose faith in ourselves, those around us question our choices.  But do you know who has eternal faith in you?  Do you know who is infinitely patient as you unwrap your talents?

God.  Jesus.  God created us knowing that we have talents.  He KNOWS because He DESIGNED us.  He doesn’t mess up.  He creates wonderful, glorious things.  Sometimes our talents may not be in line with what current culture thinks is right.  Sometimes our talents lay latent all too long.  But He has faith we will find them.  He is always waiting, watching, cheering us on, loving us no matter what.  He KNOWS we will find that gift and when we do, that it will glorify Him in such an amazing way…but He won’t really be surprised.  God expected it all along.

I will try to follow his example.  I will obey.  I will have faith in my children, and in myself, that our gifts are unique, special, desirable, and just waiting to be unwrapped.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Wonderful Angelou #2


What a wonderful thought!  Each and every day is fresh and filled with promise.  Even if I wake up back aching, nose stuffy, still tired, to a packed schedule.  It is fantastic.  I am alive.  There could be all sorts of great surprises that can happen.  I have the chance to love and laugh.  That is wonderful and new.

How about you?  What promises does your day hold?  What will be the wonderful thing growing in the garden of your life that blooms today?  Will you raise your face to the sunshine?  Will you look forward?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

maya Angelou inspired #1




I painted this last spring right after Maya Angelou died.  I read many of her books and was always inspired by her prose and her attitude.

This one is so appropriate for this time of year with everyone going back to school.  Teachers are such an important part of life.  They affect the very threads of our social and cultural fabric.  Thank you to all of you who devote your lives to training others, no matter the age.

And not just in public school (which is only centuries old).  Most of our learning does not occur within the walls of a public school–as I discussed last week.  It takes place at home.  In our churches.  In nature.  In stores.  On dance floors and little league fields.  On sidewalks and roads.

Think of ALL of the people you learn from on a daily basis!  Think of ALL you learn each and every day still.  (And if you are not still learning you are in a heap of trouble people!)  Think of ALL the people you are teaching and touching.

This blog is one of the many ways I get to share what I am learning.  Thank you for all of the comments back last week.  I learned, I taught. You learned, I hope that you shared and taught as well.

Let’s do great work together.  Let’s make Maya proud.  Let’s make GOD PROUD.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Children are Important & a homeschooling panic bag



continuing from the last post…

Great work.  Important work.  Home work on family and self.

I took that one step further, I homeschool our three kids.  God planned these posts.

I am struggling with this important work.  God knew I needed these artworks.

Homeschooling my two daughters is easy peasy lemon squeezy.  They are born students.  They enjoy learning, do not mind doing the paperwork (too much), and catch onto concepts very easily.  My son is not the same.

He brought a brown paper lunch bag to class the other morning.  He says, “This is our panic bag.  wWhen I get frustrated with you mom, I can breathe in this.”   Funny, but so true.

My panic bag moment:  I actually went to the pubic elementary to talk to the principal this week.  She is a wonderful woman who I respect greatly.  Her background in alternative education actually makes her a proponent of homeschooling.  She gets it.  And she is an invaluable resource to me.  She helped me feel more comfortable again about Tanner’s learning.  And feel more convicted that I am doing important work with him and we are progressing just fine, thank you.

You see Tanner, as she reminded me, is a normal first grade boy with little interest or focus on learning.  That is what I needed to hear.  Schoolwork is going to be different for him since he is a boy.  I have to remember he is still a first grader.  He is a kinesthetic and auditory learner:  he can spit back information he hears me teaching the girls and he can recite anything put to motions and song.  He HATES to put anything on paper.  It is torture for BOTH of us.  He needs lots of breaks for snacks, play, or to just run around the outside of the house four times.  Not kidding.

When I want to just get him to do his work, just read the words on the page (not the story he made up from looking out the window), or just finish a project without telling me four jokes–when I am frustrated with him beyond belief–when the girls are ready to throw their books at him–we have to remember.  He is HIM.  He is important.  And just learning the rote of sitting, writing, focusing is HARD for Tanner.  Just this is IMPORTANT GREAT WORK.

Every time I see that panic bag sitting on his desk it reminds me:  we are doing okay, we don’t have to get frustrated, we can take our time, he will get it.  It reminds me of all the great ideas my mom (a special education teacher by trade and theater extraordinaire) gave me of how we can make learning more kinesthic and fun.  It reminds me to put away the workbook and get out the playdoh for him and then make his own books.

We both breathe easier just seeing that reminder.  He is one smart kid.  He made it funny.

He played his first flag football game last night.  I was so proud of him:  not for athletic prowess, but because he got IT.  He listened to his coaches, he was the first one in his correct spot, he followed the directions, he played fair, he was kind to his teammates, he was cracking jokes (of course).  I saw the important work we have been doing out there on the field.  He may not know all of his sight words and he might write every number backwards, but what I really NEED him to learn is happening.  He is a good kid who will be just fine out in the big world.

THAT my friends is important.  THAT is the greatest work I will ever do.

Ya’ll made me cry this morning.  Thanks for letting me share with you.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

C Joybell C

I visited a dear friend this spring.  She was my neighbor in Cleveland and we have remained close despite our distance.  While we were there, she shared several quotes with me by a writer named C. Joybell C.  Her words are deeply emotional and poetic


I find these quotes amazingly true.  I know I am in the process of letting go of some seriously heavy baggage.  And with every string I cut, I feel lighter–mentally, emotionally, physically.  I know that I will be able to move not only forward but up and beyond my current dreams.  I hope this art piece and quote inspire you to cut some strings and soar.

***Update March 16, 2017…in the process of editing the blog, I deleted several posts and am sharing all of her quotes here.  🙂  Three years later and I still love all of these quotes–I could delete the posts, but couldn’t keep from sharing the artwork.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Winter with friends

IMGWinter can look two very different ways depending on your attitude.  A couple of years ago, ok every year for the last five, I have not been in a good place, and had a horrible attitude about winter most of the time.  I despised the cold.  Shoveling our corner lot was a LONG time to be thinking bad, evil things.  You get the drift.

This year I am finally getting things back in perspective.  I have loved the beauty of the snow.  The silence of its blanket is calming me.  I even shoveled two of the three snows without too much grumbling.

I am doing a much better job of focusing on friends and family and thanksgiving this winter.  When I saw this quote the morning of our first snow, this design immediately popped into my head and onto the paper.  God moment.

So here is to my new friends, the ones who have stood by me–especially the past few, and for the new ones to be made.  How about you?  What is your attitude toward winter this year?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Honoring Mandela

The glaze pens arrived!!!!  You have no idea how excited I got!  The funny thing is that it was the backordered/thought it was canceled order that came.  So another box of pens should be coming soon.  I should have almost fifty pens.  Which is awesome, because I used up THREE of them yesterday finishing/creating artworks.  All of them scanned, uploaded and waiting to go onto the blog and zazzle.  Happy me.

I had these two backgrounds waiting and waiting for the right quotes.  The death of a great man who worked for great change inspired me to look for some of the wisdom of this amazing person, Nelson Mandela.  That search led me right where I needed– to words that show his sense, his courage, his heart.  Words that touched me, and I hope inspire you as well.  Enjoy.  IMG_0016


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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