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Lamb Conquers


Amidst all the creepy images in Revelation there is a lot of HOPE.  Amazing how God is like that.

Our lessons pointed out something interesting to me–even Satan doesn’t know when Jesus will return.  So it is very possible that there is ALWAYS an Antichrist/beast in our midst, just waiting to take over.  Hoping to pull more people away from God and into the clutches of sin.  It is an ongoing battle.  It always has been.

The hope is in the fact that Jesus will win.  He will conquer.  Satan/beast/antichrist/whatever or whoever doesn’t even have a chance.  He/she can pretend to be all sorts of things, but all powerful is not one of the things that it will actually be.  Only God.  Only.  The. Lamb.  Only.

I know that gives me a lot of hope and comfort.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Answer the Knock


One of the repeated phrases in Revelation is to be ready when Jesus knocks at the door, that He will come like a thief in the night.  We will not have even an inkling when He will show up.  We cannot control it.  We can not forsee it. We will not understand it.  And Revelation doesn’t give a single specific on how, when, why, how many, etc.  But it does say WHO–the believers will be pulled close to God.

The important part is that we can be ready to answer, if we choose.  Part of the plan is that we will have the choice until the very last–God will leave chances for everyone, until every person has the ability and the opportunity to turn to Him.  Every single person.  He wants every single one.  We just need to choose.

I choose God.  I want Him to find not only a believer when He knocks, but a follower of His covenants–someone who is trying her best.  Someone who understands the depth of His sacrifice and who is grateful.  I want to fling open that door and be excited to see Him there.  Do you?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

The Lamb will be the Shepherd

lamb at the center of the throne

Lots of lamb and shepherd images have been playing in my head this winter.

  • Jesus as the lamb who was sacrificed.  The one who gave up being a king to be crucified in a lowly manner like a common, dispensable lamb, for each of us.
  • Jesus as the shepherd who leads us all to a better way of life, of learning, of joy in serving.
  • Me as a lamb following Jesus without question, trusting He will take care of all my needs.
  • Me as a shepherd, showing other lambs the way to Jesus.
  • Those in leadership roles around me, or just friends and family who have shepherded me and my children and husband.
  • Those who are lambs still wandering.

And the thought that keeps following me:  Feed my sheep–one at a time.

Just one.  If all I feed is one this day–may it be me, may it be you–feed one sheep this day.  Bring that one sheep to the spring of life.  Be enough.  Recognize Jesus is enough.  Teach that Jesus is enough.

Have you thought about these images?  Where do you see you?  How do you see Jesus?  Especially with Easter coming soon–so much to think about.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Revelation Pieces

blessed hear and keep

I have referenced my Revelation study often this year.  I am getting a lot out of it.  But I am not illustrating it very much.  There are a lot of crazy images.  A lot of scary, thought provoking images of destruction and judgement–images I am not sure I want to put on paper.  I had never read this book before.  But I am so glad I am!  And especially glad to be in this particular setting…going through it slowly and with purpose.  Because most of it is ending up leaving me more convicted than ever in my faith and in my call to share the good news of the gospel with others.  It is also making me more aware that faith doesn’t mean life on earth is any easier–it is all about the joys we will experience later and the wrath we can escape.  This verse from the very beginning says it all–those who hear, who believe, who keep strong, who keep what is written will be pulled close to God, we will be marked as His, we will not only survive the wrath of Satan, but we will join Jesus in being triumphant over sin.  How cool is that?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Rise Up


Remember how last week I was praying for discernment–what to choose–the earthly “responsible” thing, or what God wants?  I had someone tell me that maybe instead of signs what to do I needed to pray for closed doors.  I needed to pray that God would slam some shut and give me a big ole sign…GO THIS WAY DINGALING.

Well, He did it.  Let me tell you how…with a little background… I am in a study of Revelation that meets weekly through Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF).  They meet all over the world.  I had several friends who really encouraged me to join this last spring.  I did because I had never read Revelation and wanted to really get a good grasp of it, not just read and not understand.  It takes a big chunk of time, and I feel guilty about how much time–but God is using it to really call me up and out!

Over the course of the study several things have been standing out to me.

  • One:  God is insanely patient and will give us all chance after chance, and sign after sign, that we should trust and believe in Him.  God wants to have ALL His babies close to Him.  The final judgements are all about giving people more opportunities to turn to Him.
  • Two:  He is calling those who do believe to do the work on earth to bring everyone to Him.  God knows the work of many hands is better.

And this week these things screamed out at me:

  • One:  He assigns each of us a platform to proclaim His word.
  • Two:  My witness–my everyday life and actions– is a legacy of my faith.  What do I want MY legacy to be?
  • Three:  Obviously, it is time for me to get out there–use my art as a legacy of faith.

As I read the study, heard the lecture, and then read the notes–those three things kept coming up.  And then, as usual, I sat down to the blog and guess what I had planned for today over a month ago.  

God is calling me in a big way to rise up, take courage, and just do it!  Use my art platform to leave a legacy of faith and love.  

In fact this same verse has popped up several times…remember this version of it?Scan-036

What do you think?  I think God slapped me upside the head this week.  I think that He is like…climb up that big tree you little tiny frog.  Get out there!  More on that tomorrow…

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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