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Do #6



And there it is, the big one, the most important Do of all.  I hope that each of you is in the presence of Jesus…..wait a second….spell check just made me realize I spelled  presence wrong in the artwork.  Darn it!  ARGH!

Well, that one won’t go up for sale.

But, that did just make for a better blog post.  Because God won’t care that I spelled it wrong.  Isn’t grace a wonderful thing?  I am human, I mess up, God still loves me to the absolute fullness of HIS capacity, not mine, but His.  Jesus walks beside me everyday , present and full, helping me Live in the fullness of his GRACE that He gives freely.  Not because of what I do, but because of His sacrifice and my faith in Him and that gift.

Oh, what sweetness that is.

And the same is true for each of you.  For every person on Earth.  He created every human to live in full relationship with HIM.  He offers His abundant Love and Grace to ALL, and to those who believe He rejoices over and offers even more.

Yes, that is a DO.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Do #5



This is such a good “do” to do.  I wish I was better at doing it consistently, especially the ice cream part.  As it has cooled to frigid temperatures in Chicagoland, I am not as excited to walk the dog each morning.  I am more excited to see the hot coffee button light up.

But walking, the act of breathing in deeply, exhaling deeply, is so refreshing.  And knowing that God is there walking with me, makes it even better.  I love when the sun is out.  I love when it shines right in my eyes and makes them water with its power.  Jesus is the light of the world, and the sun always reminds me of this.

And then to walk to either Sonic or Culver’s to get ice cream.  Thank you God for ice cream.  It is the food of angels.

May you walk in God’s light today.  May you breathe in HIS peace, love, and grace.  May you exhale all of your cares and worries and let them float on the breeze up to Him.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Do #4



I painted all of these to be sort of fun and cheeky.  But really they all carry supremely important, serious messages.

Are you good at spending time with friends, with loved ones?  Because your loved ones SHOULD be your friends.  Are you good at not just spending time  with them, but giggling with them, not just talking but sharing with them?  Because that is what matters.  Not stuff, not work, not accolades, but the relationships we make and build to last.   Not spending money, but spending time, that most precious of commodities.

I have been so blessed to build relationships with so many people.  So many who I can recount times that we laughed and cried and were there for each other in all times.  Times when they lifted me, and times when I lifted them, and times when we walked hand in hand.  They didn’t want gifts I purchased, they wanted the gift of me, and I of them.

We are in an age when we have so many choices to connect with people.  We can be surrounded by the warmth of these relationships.  If they are next door, we can reach out and touch them.  Or  we can use technology.

I have been so blessed by Facebook.  I have family all over the country.  I have friends all over the world.  And Facebook lets me spend time with them and helps me build relationships that last.  I know that my friend in Australia is celebrating her daughter’s birthday with her first sleepover.  I know that my friend in Michigan watched The Nativity with her kids last night.  I know that my cousin/friend in Texas had a very special prayer and life change with her daughter last night.  I know my nephew broke his arm.  I know another friend completed two Ironwoman races last month.  Facebook allows me to connect, to encourage, to spend time.

My blog is another way that I am spending time with special friends.  Each of you is touching me, touching my heart.

My cousin lost her husband the other night.  A man in his fifties, he had a heart attack in his sleep and walked toward Jesus.  But he left behind a a family who is mourning the loss of  his time, his laugh, his strength.

It reminds me that much more of how precious these relationships are.  Forget the holiday shopping, spend time giggling with your special friends today.  Whether they are the family in your home, family and friends down the street, or family and friends  around the globe.  Reach out with your time.  Reach out with laughter.  Reach out with love and caring.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Do #3



I love this one.  I really like them all, but I am really really really good at this.

Naps are the best. They truly are.  I don’t understand why children fight them.


Time to process, research what your body needs, what your hopes are for that day, and time to reflect.

Creativity regeneration.

Warmth and snuggles, maybe with just a blanket, or a dog.  Or even better with a child.

And wake up refreshed and ready to roll again.

So necessary.

Even God and Jesus took time to rest.  So should we.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Do #2: Just Peachy



Confidence is a wonderful thing.  I have struggled for years with believing in myself.  For too long I was over concerned with trying to be “perfect.”  I hope you know that that is unattainable, a unicorn, something completely false and never real.  Because I didn’t.  I never thought what I did was good enough.  I always wanted more.  It has taken me years to understand God is the only one capable of perfection.

#2 is absolutely necessary to balance out #1.  We should have dreams, high hopes, but also a sense of reality.  I think of peachy perfect as just a little under real perfect.  It’s all good, just peachy.  Just enough.  A little sweet, a little tart.  A little crisp, a little smushy.   Peachy perfect.

Because God did create us perfect.  But we are under the spell of being human.  Know that you are awesome, but be confident enough to admit that you are human.  That you are peachy perfect.  And that is good.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Do #1




I have a series for you  this week.  Actually I have several planned for this month.  The first one started with a list of Do’s I ran across early this fall.  I liked the first two, and then got a little ADD as usual and veered off and did my own thing.  I hope you enjoy them this week.

One DO is:  have high hopes for yourself.  We should have dreams.  We should believe that God created us to be more than we are right now…He always has something up his sleeve!

Hopes and dreams are one thing, expectations are another.  Remember that hopes can take a long time, especially in God time.  He operates on his own agenda, so don’t expect fireworks instantly.  Expect there to be bumps, high winds, birds dive-bombing you, and more as you cross the high wire of hope.  There are going to be sunshine rays and moments you feel like you are floating, too.  Make sure the tight rope of hope never ends, there is always more to do, enjoy and live for up ahead.

But do remember to keep low expectations of others:  you can’t control them.  You can’t expect them.  Low expectations = happiness when they do come through.

Let’s review:  high hopes for YOU, low expectations for others.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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