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Rooted Firm


Isn’t this glorious knowledge?!  When we are believers we know we have a firm foundation.  Who knows where things are going to take us, but we know we are safe.

Between my Revelation study (which hit the final judgement a couple weeks ago) and the end of school year (which always leads to–what am I doing next fall) I have been thinking about the future a lot.  And I keep coming back to this:  my faith will get me through another year.  No matter what happens, I know I have chosen Jesus as my savior.  I know that if the judgement was in God’s plans for this summer that if I was in front of His throne I would fall down in joy, praise, and humility.  I would not turn from Christ in fear, or rejection.  I know that if I keep that in my head, the rest of my days here on earth will fall into place.  Whatever happens, will happen, and it will work out for God’s good purposes as long as I stay rooted in that firm foundation of faith.

Are your roots deep?  Do you feel like you are standing firm?  Can you look at the future this way?  What do you need to do to get to this point?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

New Shapes in Different Seasons

what shape tree

The quote is by David Whyte–sorry they keep getting covered…a lot of my art this winter used up every square inch of the paper.  I seemed to go outside the edges constantly.  As if I couldn’t contain my thoughts.  This tree isn’t one of my favorites, but I like the sky–and the quote.

We never know what shape is inside us, not really, do we?  I can spread my branches as wide as I want growing and reaching.  And sometimes they get broken off.  And sometimes, that’s ok.

I have realized something about myself the past six months.  I thought I had a good shape for my career plan.  I like speaking to large groups, but I discovered, I prefer them to be small children.  🙂  I like teaching, but the weekends and nights are adding a lot of stress and chaos to a family that already has enough.  And really–I am not a chaos kind of girl.  I like routines.  Like blogging and art journaling.  That routine brings me a lot of peace–and that carries into my day and how I interact with my family.

So I need to rethink my shapes and branches to what really works in THIS season of life.  Have you ever felt like that?  God may have plans for us, we may have capabilities.  But there are definite seasons for when they should be used, or should wait.

The wonderful thing is that God planted talents inside our seeds knowing those seasons would come.  He understood when He designed each of us what shapes and branches would happen.  But He understood some seasons would be beautiful growing weather, and others would have storms and droughts.  We just have to trust that He will reveal to us what shapes.  And remember that He trusts us to LEARN from the growth and the storms.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Prayers for Plants


We pray for people all the time.  When was the last time you prayed for plants?

If you are a farmer, maybe recently.

So let’s pray for good crops.

Let’s pray for trees–their beauty, shelter to creatures big and small, for the wood they give, for the air they clean.

Let’s pray for flowers–that they grow and continue to color our world, that they continue to be signs of celebrations good and sad.

Let’s pray for grass–the green carpets we see each day that lay dormant all winter.

For weeds–that are so strong and hardy, and that help us appreciate the other plants so much.

For vegetables and fruits.

God is so good that He created a multitude of plants of all shapes, sizes, colors, and uses.  God is so good that He gave humans dominion over them that we may enjoy them.  Let us be thankful.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Still Plant It


I would Still Plant my Apple Tree by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

One more tree…:)  for now.

It is so easy to get caught up in politics and the trials of our times, to think that we have it so much worse, that things are getting even nastier.  It is easy to feel defeated.  It is easy to sit back and just pray for things to change, to get better, to be victorious.

But the gravity of the situation is this:  WE need to do the planting.

No matter what.  Otherwise there will not be any trees in the first place.

Martin Luther, the father of Protestant faith, lived from 1483-1546–and he was worried the world would go to pieces then.  Almost 500 years ago.  He realized that God would come in His own sweet time.  He realized we could sit around worrying about, theorizing about it, and complaining.  OR he could do something about it.  He planted his seeds of faith, watched the seeds spread, and look what happened.

We never know what tiny seed we are planting and how it may affect ourselves or other people.  Or our environment.  We may never know.  Or we may have someone come to us much later down the road, many moons from now, who lets us know the impact we had.

And really, it DOESN’T matter if we ever know.

What IS important is the beginning process:  planting, fertilizing, watering, keeping predators away, facilitating growth–even if by the light of the moon.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

Just Encourage People


Encourage People by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Encouraging those around us:  it is so direly necessary.  We all need cheerleaders:  those people in our life who help us stay up, hopeful, filled with faith.  Those who love us as we are.  We are usually very good at encouraging those who are closest to us.  That can be easy.

But what about the others…you know…all of the other people that we encounter each and every day.  Strangers.    They need our encouragement too!

I decided a long time ago, I like compliments.  It makes my day when someone tells me they like my crazy short haircut, or the shirt I have on, or how well behaved my kids are being–it does happen sometimes–the behavior and the compliments :).  Those words FEEL GOOD.  They make my heart swell.  And not in a vain way, but in a hey! I made a good choice way!  Someone noticed something good!  Maybe it brought both of us joy!  I can feel it all the way to my toes.

So I decided, I would hand out compliments.  To random strangers.  If I see someone who looks great, I tell them.  If someone is doing something great.  I tell them.  If they make any sort of positive impact on me, I tell them, or if I think my words will have a positive impact on them, I tell them.

And the best part:  the smiles I get back.  I smile all they way to my toes.  I feel like I am helping them stay up, hopeful, and filled with faith for our world.  I am spreading the love of Jesus in a heartfelt way.

Melissa at yourmomhasablog.com just posted on this last month.  Her words rang so true.  She ends her post like this,” She probably has no idea that her comments still come back to me to this day, sweet encouragement at times when I need it. I want my words to hang delicious over someone’s head, always ready to breathe life and healing into them when they need some. It’s such a simple imperative: See the beauty and good in people, and say what you see. If we start today, who knows how much love we can dole out, one sweet word at a time?”

Check out the whole story.  It is awesome.  It will inspire you to spread some love, not just today, but everyday.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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